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The Your Church App

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A brand new free app that's full of features for churches of all sizes!

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A Message From The Developer


Hello! My name is Nick Bond, and I have a passion for giving God's people the tools they need to grow in their faith. The Your Church app was a product of that passion. For years now I've been working on websites and mobile apps, and I wanted to use my talents to create an affordable church management solution. At first I charged a monthly subscription price for the app, but I felt the Lord instructing me to make it free. So that's exactly what I've done! Being a developer myself, I knew the cost of creating a mobile application was not something that was feasible for most churches. This product aims to fill that need, since it won't cost your church a thing.

Furthermore, when you subscribe to the Your Church app it is my desire that you get treated with the compassion of Jesus Christ. As you get started with the app I will personally take the time to help you set everything up, answer any questions that you might have, and assist in any way I possibly can! Feel free to browse our website. One of the big questions people ask us is how do we sign up? All you have to do to sign up is fill out the sign up form with the features you want, and we'll get everything set up for you!

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